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Let’s stay at Tateyama town.

Let me introduce hotels in Tateyama town. We will wait you with good value plans.

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About Go trip, Mt.Tateyama


When you arrive in Toyama, you will see, The spectacular Tateyama Mountain Range of the “Northern Japan Alps”, where snow still remains on the peaks even in summer. Unlike other iconic scenery in Japan with a single mountain, the Tateyama Mountain Range is span a wide area and stand up to 3000m high. There are a variety of routes along the ridge of the mountain range that connect one peak to another.

When you come on one of our tours, You can see for yourself, how the people of Tateyama live and connect to the mountains here. What kind of amazing local foods they eat? Would you like to join us and have these experiences in a Tateyama town? You will feel like one of us. We will welcome you like our family.