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※List of Accommodations for Tateyama town tourism bureau’s members.
※Business hours might change in the future, please ask directly to a hotel.

Alpine route area

(☆ is phone number of off-season.)

Name of hotel capacity Opening period TEL
Midagahara Hotel 175Guests Mid Apr~Early Nov 076-442-2222
Tengudaira-Sansou(Mountain hut with Hot spring) 50Guests Mid Apr~ Early Nov 076-411-4380
Hotel Tateyama 260Guests Mid Apr~Late Nov 076-463-3345

Tateyama Murodo Sansou(Mountain hut) 200Guests Mid Apr~Late Nov. 076-463-1228
Mikurigaike Onsen (Mountain hut with Hot spring) 120Guests Mid Apr~Late Nov. 076-463-1441
Raicyouso(Mountain hut with Hot spring) 270Guests Mid April~Late Novenber 076-463-1664
Raicyouzawa Hutte(Mountain hut with Hot spring) 200Guests Mid April~Mid Oct 076-463-1835/☆076-482-1617
Lodge Tateyamarenpo(Mountain hut with Hot spring) 20Guests Early July~Late Sep 076-463-1835(Raicyouzawa Hutte)/☆076-482-1617
Lodge Kuroyon(Mountain hut) 60Guests

Mid May~Late Oct


Mt.Tateyama area

(☆ is phone number of off-season.)

Name of hotel capacity Opening period TEL
Ichinokoshi Sansou (Mountain hut) 130Guests Late Apr~Mid Oct 090-1632-4629/☆076-421-1446
Kuranosuke Sansou(Mountain hut) 60Guests Early July~Early Oct 090-5686-1250/☆076-482-1518
Turugigozen Goya (Mountain hut) 120Guests Late Apr~Late Oct 080-8694-5076/☆050-3153-3497
Turugisawa Goya (Mountain hut) 64Guests Early July~Early Oct 080-1968-1620/☆076-482-1319
Kenzansou (Mountain hut) 160Guests Late Jun~Early Oct 090-2372-5799/☆076-482-1564
Turugidake Hayatuki Goya(Mountain hut) 50Guests Early July~Early Oct 090-7740-9233/☆076-482-1700
Dainichi Goya (Mountain hut) 36Guests Early July~Early Oct 090-3291-1579
Dainichidaira Sansou (Mountain hut) 35Guests Early July~Mid Oct 090-3295-1281
Masago Lodge (Mountain hut) 20Guests Mid July~Mid Oct 090-5686-0100/☆090-7783-8067
Senninike Hutte (Mountain hut) 70Guests Mid July~Mid Oct 090-1632-9120/☆090-7080-3218
Gosikigahara Sansou (Mountain hut) 95Guests Early July~Early Oct 090-2128-1857/☆076-482-1940
Tairano Koya (Mountain hut) 60Guests Late Jun~Late Oct 090-2039-8051
Okukurobe Hutte (Mountain hut) 40Guests Mid July~Early Oct. 076-463-1228(Tateyama Murodo Sansou)

Ashikuraji area

Name of hotel capacity Opening period TEL
Minsyuku Sousinbou (Inn) 20名 Year around. (Reservations needed.) 076-481-1331

Senjyugahara area

Name of hotel capacity Opening period TEL
Green Viwe Tateyama (Hotel with Hot spring) 112Guests Year around 076-482-1716
Tateyamakan(Inn) 25Guests Year around 076-482-1229
Senjyuso(Inn) 30Guests Year around 076-482-1138

Food of mountain area

Name of hotel capacit Opening period TEL
Green park Yoshimine (Hotel with Hot spring) 50Guests Year around 076-483-2828
Cottage Donguri (Whole house rent) Year around 090-6277-7819
Open house Yoshimine (Whole house rent) Year around 090-1396-8254